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  • Ensuring long-term quality

    Established in La Chaux-de-Fonds since 2007, our company is dedicated to enhancing watch exterior surfaces. Our exclusive INORYS® system serving to produce hardened steel is part of a logistical chain geared towards lasting preservation of products’ aesthetic value and physical properties. Our skills, our means and our experience serve to develop and implement personalised industrialisation concepts and to master the full range of outsourcing phases.

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    We welcome you each
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  • INORYS®, our exclusive process for stainless steel surface finishing, significantly improves the resistance of the parts to scratching and corrosion, making it possible to produce hardened steel parts.

    INORYS® does more than just enhance durability, it also serves to :

    • prevent fading ;
    • eliminate repairs linked to various handling operations both during production and when the products are in the boutique ;
    • dispense with the customary protective measures related to the handling and transportation of watch exterior components ;
    • enhance ageing resistance of post-treatment dry coating methods
      ( DLC / PVD ) ;
    • reduce the friction coefficient of parts subject to wear
      ( such as the rotating bezel ).

    INORYS® as a complement to DLC / PVD colour coating

    INORYS® is particularly effective on watch exterior parts that are given a DLC / PVD type post treatment ( in black or another colour ) in order to improve the hold of the coating as well as its shock resistance. We handle the entire outsourcing process for DLC / PVD treatments, including quality controls for DLC / PVD treatments.



    mts, durcissement inorys mts, durcissement inorys

  • Durability process serving to produce hardened steel

    INORYS® is applied at low temperatures to surfaces with an immediate underlying structure ( up to 50 µm deep ). The quality of the finishing previously performed by the client  ( polished, satin-brushed, shotpeened, alternating ) is entirely preserved. This process comprises a structural hardening phase.


    Wear test by rubbing two parts against the other, in this case one in non-hardened stainless steel…

    …against another one in hardened steel with an INORYS® coating which preserved it from scratches.

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    tests Inorys aspect des surfaces

    Hardening normally results in slight modifications to the appearance of the surfaces.

    tests Inorys aspect des surfaces

    With the INORYS® treatment, previously finished surfaces ( in this instance polished and shotpeened ) regain their desired appearance.

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    tests Inorys usure PVD

    Standardised coating wear test
    ( NIHS-96-50 ) ( 24 hours ) on a PVD-treated part with no prior hardening :
    the black coating has peeled off.

    tests Inorys usure PVD

    By way of comparison, the same test
    ( 96 hours ! ) was performed on a part with INORYS® and PVD treatment : the black coating has stood up very well.



    In case of impacts, a non-hardened steel undergoes a rapid plastic strain which may actually rupture the DLC / PVD coating.

    In case of impacts, an INORYS® treated part undergoes a more elastic deformation, thus preserving both the surface and its coating.

  • Applications INORYS®

    The INORYS® procedure is applicable to all watch exterior parts made in stainless steel :

    • case-back, case middle and bezel ;
    • crown, pushers, visible screws ;
    • wristbands : buckles and pins, clasps, links, sections.
    • It even works for movement parts!

    Materials suitable for treatment

    The INORYS® treatment is applicable to :

    • austenetic steels 304 / 316 / 904 ;
    • strongly allied alloys ( Ni, Cr -based ) ;
    • austeno-ferritic steels ;
    • Phynox® alloy.

    Kindly consult us for other alloys.

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  • 100 % control

    Process controlling is a key service that is repeated throughout the INORYS® treatment. The parts are checked in their entirety :

    • upon receipt ;
    • after the INORYS® treatment ;
    • after a DLC / PVD treatment by a subcontractor according to the customer’s wishes ;
    • following a possible compliance remediation measure.


    In order to ensure the regularity of the quality of the treatments on hardened steel parts, we regularly conduct reliability ( wear and corrosion ) tests according to the most stringent market requirements.

    Compliance remediation : an unfailing commitment

    If any inadequacies are observed after DLC / PVD treatment, a compliance remediation process will be undertaken. The client receives only flawless hardened steel parts and thus saves money due to a significant reduction in the rejection rate. Three sets of criteria are taken into account :

    • conservation of the hardened zone ;
    • conservation of the geometry of the parts ;
    • respect for the client’s aesthetic requirements.
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